Professional Practice

Dear Architects Part 2

By Maria Sheeba Atukunda

March 21, 2017

Dear Architects,

In your opinion, what can be done to attempt to enforce the scale of fees for architects in Uganda: and not just that of architects, many graduate architects are employed under conditions of poor pay, and many employers do not pay their NSSF fees for them: this is simply encouraging the culture of doing ‘pjs'( where non-certified architects do side jobs for clients and manage to get them approved). Can something be done? Maybe a 5 year plan architects can work on?

Arch Gloria Bazira:

Tie approvals to URA. So that when a project is submitted for approval to a regulatory body,  for instance KCCA,  a particular amount of tax is expected to be levied on  it by the URA, basing on different parameters. That way we can have a basic scale of fees for a particular type of building because architects will be forced to charge within a particular range for said project, knowing well, what tax is levied on such projects. Increase the scale of fees and firms will be able to take in and sustain more employees.

There should also be sensitisation of the public on what kind of professionals to use. Insist that clients use registered architects. That way, the ‘pj’ culture will be reduced and graduate architects will be forced to get employment within the structured system.

Register graduate architects and absorb them into the system. Not only in architectural firms, because as of now, existing firms do not have the capacity to absorb every single graduate architect but there are other sectors that can absorb them. KCCA for instance, National Housing and Construction. We need to find ways to register the architects into these sectors.