15 of Uganda’s Heritage Buildings (Part 2)

By C. Matua

July 9, 2018

Bahai Temple

The Bahai temple is an interesting piece of architecture. Seated atop a hill, the temple is a reflection of the peaceful virtues of the Bahai faith. The interior detailing of this structure is exquisite.


Also, interesting is the administration building that is adjacent to the structure. Its mushrooming concrete roof is note-worthy.


Worker’s House

A landmark for Kampala City, this modern 20storey building sits gracefully in the skyline with the glass curtain walling detailing creating arches that are easily recognisable.


Mulago Catholic Church

The beauty of the interiors of this church are something that can hardly be described in words. The wooden ceiling accentuated with drop down wooden beams spiralling to the centre to meet the skylight that pours light into the chapel over the altar is a nice touch. I think the best quality of this chapel is the natural light that washes through it: the windows are high slits round the building envelope and portions of the wall are of Pompeii grills. The airiness in this one is refreshing.


Barclays Buildings

The Barclays buildings in many towns have an interesting historical aesthetic to them. I’ve always thought that if one wants to experience interesting architecture about a town, they should look for 4 things: the market, the places of prayer, the municipal buildings and the Barclays Bank buildings.


Mapeera House

In my opinion, this building is a preview into the next phase of Ugandan Architecture: deconstructivist. Designed by Ssentogo & Partners, this building’s form attempts to be daring in more ways than one: its stark contrast with the surrounding on Kampala-Jinja Road, the use of glass curtain walling and aluminium tiles cladding, and that face that juts out into the street. A little bit more, and we would have a real show-stopper on our hands.


Kasubi tombs

Currently being reconstructed after being destroyed by a fire, the Kasubi tombs are undoubtedly one of the most important heritage sites in Uganda. This building is the one where the previous kings were buried. It tells of a history in construction with ancestral material technology and has cultural meaning to the Buganda monarchy permanently etched in this space.