About Us

About Us

Uniting architects in Uganda to foster and strengthen friendly, intellectual, artistic, cultural, educational and scientific ties.

Our Vision

To advance excellence in design and professional practice for a sustainable built environment.

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Our Mission

Be the voice that unites, adds value, fosters growth and secures the architectural profession in serving the community.

Our Goals

Voice – promote USA as the credible voice for all architects and quality design in the built environment
Unite – Be the recognized leader for knowledge about the practice and profession of architecture
Relevant – be a resource to members through programs and services that effectively meet their needs
Foster Growth – help members to grow both individually and career wise
Secure the Profession – help to enforce and protect the standards of the profession
Serve Community – involve other members of the community

The Objectives of the Uganda Society of Architects are:

To organise and unite architects in Uganda and to foster and strengthen friendly, intellectual, artistic, cultural, educational and scientific ties among architects and architectural and other organizations.
To protect the rights, status, interests and general welfare of architects.
To foster and maintain public confidence in the integrity and ability of architects.
To provide a link with Government, the public and other organisations.
To define and redefine, whenever necessary, the functions and role of architects in the built environment.
To promote an awareness and the preservation of historical and architectural heritage.

The Functions of the Uganda Society of Architects are:

To initiate, define and assist in the implementation of programs and co-operation in the development of architectural education, practice and research in Uganda.
To collect and publish information relevant to the activities of the Society and to disseminate it among its members.
To undertake the identification of the needs of Uganda in the field of architecture including urban and rural development, social, economic and cultural activities.
To establish standards, continually monitor, evaluate and accredit architectural educational and training institutions.
To work closely with the Government and other development agencies in the formulation and implementation of policies and programs in regard to the development of the environment and to ensure the active participation of Members of the Society.
To identify and document areas and buildings of historical and architectural importance for preservation.
To carry out any other activities as the Society shall deem conducive to the attainment of any of its objectives.


The Uganda Society of Architects subscribes to other regional and international bodies like the East African Institute of Architects, Africa Union of Architects, International Union of Architects and Commonwealth Association of Architects. The two directing organs of Society are the Council (led by the President) and the Annual General Meeting. The operational organs of the council are the Secretariat, Chapters, Boards, Committees and any other organs that may be created by the Annual General Meeting.