Featured Project

Featured Project / Tank Hill Park

A commercial building was built for a Japanese restaurant, a cafe and small shops sharing a concept that enhances local values of food and materials. It is located in a residential area of a suburban town in Kampala, Uganda. We designed the building with a big thatched roof that complements the gently sloping land at right angles to the contour lines keeping 5 existing trees.The slope was too gradual for people to recognize, so we tried to take advantage of this character through our design. At its lowest point, it is a two-story building, while in the middle, the basement sinks into the landscape. The ground floor, under the level of 4m plus a parking level, is made out of concrete and steel, and 1st floor is made out of timber, eucalyptus.

Eucalyptus is normally used only for roof trusses and scaffolding because it tends to shrink, twist and crack. By improving the drying and lumbering process, we have managed to turn them into a sturdy enough material to be used for the main roof structure. To maximise local labourers’ techniques, 16 frames were erected without heavy construction equipment. This permeable roof design allows for an open space where people come together and seek comfortable refuge from the strong sunlight.

Project By: Terrain Architects